Watch Dr Tomasz George’s Interview with DocWire News!

Last week, our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Tomasz George, had the opportunity to speak about our proprietary Virax Immune platform with DocWire News.

As the head of our science team, there is no one who is closer to the innovation that is driving our T-cell testing technology to reality. Thanks to the team’s hard work, everyday we get to be at the forefront of cutting-edge adaptive immunology research. With his industry exposure and expertise, Dr Tomasz George knows that Virax Biolabs is well-positioned to augment our existing and effective in-vitro diagnostics with a powerful and dynamic immune-profiling solution that will work for everyday consumers, governments, clinical research organizations, and others alike.

Watch the video to learn about Dr Tomasz George’s perspectives on his Virax Biolabs journey, our company’s core mission, the needs that our platform is trying to address, and more.