The goal of ViraxImmune™ is to identify how well your adaptive immune system would respond to a virus if you were to be exposed to it, so that you can make the informed decisions.

In order to achieve this, ViraxImmune™ is developing a new test that is intended to detect the body’s adaptive immune response to viruses. The test will look at T-Cell activation when a blood sample is exposed to a mix of proteins that mimics viral exposure in the body. Unlike antibodies, T-Cells coordinate the immune system against viral attack. Their detection can indicate inherent protection from disease for those yet to be infected and may be useful to determine the degree of long-term protection an individual has after recovering from a virus.

ViraxImmune™ tests are designed to detect T-cells present in the body long after the initial antibody-related immune response to vaccination or infection has faded. This, it is believed, will give a more accurate understanding of the human body’s long term immunity as opposed to simple antibody levels. Initial tests will establish if you have an adaptive immune response to the SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes Covid-19 and it’s variants.

ViraxImmune™ will offer a subscription service with a yearly test focusing on the most prevalent viruses, so that subscribers can have more information about their own immunity relating to the most relevant viral threats. This should help them to make informed decisions on personal protection, vaccination, social distancing, travel and meeting those who are more vulnerable.

How it will work

Test process

Key Features

T-Cell Testing

T-cell testing is an excellent way to test long term protection from different viruses or variants of viruses. This protection is built up through exposure to different viruses and pathogens over time, or though acquired immunity from vaccination. Antibodies to a virus can decline and wane in their protection over time, but memory T-cells remain for years after exposure to or vaccination from a disease. It may be the only way to assess long-term immunity.

The ViraxImmune™ test can also provide an indication as to is to detect if you have previously had or been exposed to a virus, long after the initial antibody response has faded or disappeared. It is also possible to have a degree of immunity to a virus even if you have never been exposed to it. Adaptive immunity can be gained due to cross reactive immunity by memory T-cells. These cells can react to different viruses and protect the body if the new virus has similar ‘conserved’ regions to the virus that the T-cells were originally programmed to protect you from.

The ViraxImmune™ test has been designed so that it can be easily adapted to detect responses to new viruses or variants of existing viruses as they arise in the near future and beyond.

ViraxImmune™ App

Our corresponding App has been developed to provide access to all test results relating to your immune function in one convenient place. This helps you build up a picture of your immune function and ability to cope with viruses over time. Further, it will identify areas of your health, diet and lifestyle that may be compromising your immunity and increasing your immune risk, with suggestions on how to improve in these areas. There is an option to subscribe to a yearly test focusing on the most prevalent viruses in your area, providing you more information about your own immunity relating to current viral threats, allowing you to make informed decisions on your health and protection each year. Finally, the App will track improvements in your immunological health and add to your profile of immunity over time.