Virax Immune

Virax Immune is a new Covid-19 test seeking detection of T-Cell immune responses to the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Unlike antibodies, T-Cells coordinate the immune system against viral attack. Their detection can indicate inherent protection from disease for those yet to be infected and may be useful to determine the degree of long-term protection an individual has after recovering from Covid-19.

Virax Immune detects T-cells present in the body long after the initial antibody-related immune response to vaccination or infection has faded. This, it is believed, will give a more accurate understanding of the human body's immunity as opposed to simple antibody levels.

How it will work

Key Features

T-Cell Testing

T-cell testing is the ideal method to test protection from COVID-19 infection after vaccination. Antibodies decline after six months, but memory T-cells remain for years after vaccination. It may be the only way to assess long-term immunity.

The test can detect if you have previously had COVID-19 long after the initial antibody response has disappeared.

Test your innate immunity to COVID-19, which could be caused by cross-reactivity to memory T-cells you have developed to past infection with a different coronavirus.

The test can be easily adapted to detect responses to new variants of Covid-19 or any viral threats that arise in the future.

Virax Immune App

A total immunological picture of your body’s ability to respond to a variety of viruses.

Highlights the body’s innate/inherited ability to cope with certain viruses.

Shows if vaccines have been successful in producing the relevant antibodies to cope with a viral threat and if further vaccines are required.

Users receive an initial immunological overview and then subscribe to ongoing advice and regular tests to track improvements.

Advises on health, medical and lifestyle measures to improve immune responses.