ViraxCare develops and distributes innovative medical devices, technology and PPE to worldwide customers. Our product range encompasses AI sanitizing bots, nebulizer arches and award-winning smart wearable devices that buzz employees to help them social distance.

The ViraxCare team comprises experts in procurement, international trading, logistics and finance to ensure the highest quality products are offered at the most competitive prices to our customers.



An award-winning smart device that buzzes employees to help them social distance. Virax has an exclusive distribution agreement for The Philippines, Sub-Saharan Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore, with more regions to follow.

— Optional HR departments can rapidly notify employees if a coworker they have interacted with has Covid-19
— Acts as a personal protective wearable to increase the safety of your employees

AI-powered Sanitizer Technology

We have co-developed an AI-powered sanitizing bot. The bot is designed to avoid objects and comes with high-spec functionality. Each bot can be individually programmed to meet customers’ specific requirements. They have a disinfection rate of 2000 square meters per hour.

— Cleans autonomously 2000 square meters/hour
— Operates on autonomous or map-based routes
— 6 hours of charge per time
— Rechargeable lithium battery
— Kills 99.1% of bacteria

Employee Protection Equipment Plus

ViraxCare platform is a turnkey corporate solutions provider that minimizes the risks of COVID-19 and other viruses by providing high-quality MedTech & PPE at competitive prices.

— Great value and convenience
— Designed with input from medical staff, employers, employees, schools and charities
— Contributes to employee wellbeing
— Supports inventory control of PPE supplies

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